Private Engineering Firms

Have you left money on the table?  Government agencies may not tell you if you fail to bill allowable costs.  Many times your Project Managers enter into cost plus fixed fee agreements and never bill for the balance of the fee.  Let us review all your contracts to determine the appropriate payment method and contract language.  Be especially careful of contracts with provisional overhead rates.


Are you calculating your overhead costs correctly and annually?  You are restricted to 5% material overhead if you do not perform your own internal calculations.  Let us assist you in capturing and billing all your allowable costs on projects.  Utilities may be penalized for improper timesheets, lack of supporting documentation, non-verifiable overheads and unsubstantiated unit pricing.  State DOT’s are beginning to take a stronger stance in this area.  Let me assist you in navigating through these tougher auditing procedures.


Are you properly accounting for your force account work?  Municipalities can have costs they should be receiving get rejected because they do not have a proper record keeping system or because they do not fully understand their contracts with State and Federal Governments.  Third party contracts can present even more risks.  We have experience identifying ways for you to update your systems and mitigate these risks!

Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s)

DOTs are required to perform final audits and CPA workpaper reviews, but many do not have adequate staff to perform the many procedures these require.  We can perform these services, and others, on an as-needed basis.  Other services include policy and procedure reviews for Audit Branches at DOT’s, assistance with your State’s risk analysis so you can best use your limited resources, and many more!


Todd prides himself with the relationships he has built with his clients within all areas of this industry.  Through his many years of experience, he has earned the trust of Government Agencies.  They have come to realize if Todd Jones Consulting has partnered with your firm or agency, all appropriate procedures will be followed which will therefore enhance your relationship with the client.

Too many CPA firms have not yet earned the trust of the Government. Partner with Todd Jones, the consultant that has earned the trust of clients and government agencies.