Let us help you navigate through the regulations!

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Todd Jones Consulting, LLC provides consulting and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) training throughout the United States.  We can show you how to maximize your overhead rate while being within the FAR guidelines, which will result in all government agencies accepting the calculation.

Todd Jones Consulting, LLC also assists firms throughout the United States in:

  • Transportation Audits
  • Accounting system setup
  • Internal controls
  • Written policies and procedures
  • In-house compilations of indirect costs rates
  • Proper estimating, negotiation and billing on State and Federal contracts
  • Overhead/Indirect cost rate audits through affiliates

Although based in North Carolina, we have the experience with the policies and procedures from most every State and can assist you with maximizing your profits while exceeding the expectations and requirements of various governmental agencies.

In fact, the FHWA has requested Todd’s help in implementing training programs, policies and procedures in other States. You can trust the experience and federal recognition of Todd Jones Consulting to benefit your organization.